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Uscenes began as a one man band, selling fireplace videos as a part time hobby business. 3Digital partnered with Uscenes and we have been heavily involved in the whole process of sales, marketing and design. Together we decided that we could transform the simple old website into something far greater…

The first step was to develop a web strategy, which included new types of videos to download. Instead of a small selection of fireplaces; Uscenes has now hundreds of videos of nature and aquariums filmed all over the world. The strategy was to create a new type of relaxation video to use as a PC or TV screensaver. Then offer these items as digital downloads through a fully featured ecommerce website.

Since working with 3Digital Uscenes has sold countless downloads across the world. Uscenes has been able to fund trips to tropical locations to capture amazing nature scenes. The Youtube channel was fully optimised by 3Digital and now has had over 4 million views. The website rankings at the top of Google for almost all of the important search phrases and sales have never been better. Our initial estimate of 30% year on year increases in sales has been dwarfed by the massive download numbers created through Google and Youtube marketing.

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