The importance of Digital Branding


At 3Digital we believe that your company’s personality plays a vital role in attracting the right customers. Your logo is much more than a logo. It is the starting point from which your entire brand identity stems from. It is effectively the face of your business. Whether it be serious, happy, sophisticated or relaxed, it says a lot about who you are and what you do.

Your brand then branches out from this with all the other factors that make up your image. For example whether your company is a premium service or affordable one, or whether the goal is to stand out from the crowd or follow already successful models. We work with you to ensure that your Logo right through to your type face, fonts and colour palette, all complement your overall brand making your company’s personality unique and attractive.

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Standing out from the crowd

Many small businesses suffer in this area. They think that a great logo, or a cool website with a great SEO service will be enough to raise them above their competition when in fact it takes much more than that to stand out from the crowd. Consistency is key whilst keeping the standards high along all of your web, publishing and marketing materials

People can easily tell the difference between a B movie and a Hollywood blockbuster, but they can’t as easily tell you why one is so different. They may point to the acting, the special effects or the camera work, but the truth is, it is a subtle combination of all of the ingredients that make the production slick and professional. 3Digital has the eye to make sure your company’s presentation is more than the run of the mill B movie.

The key elements for Digital Branding

Logo Lockups

It is vital to keep your logo consistent through all your material but it also requires flexibility to be placed in multiple environments. We ensure you have a number of lockups that will serve you in every situation.

Key Colours

Your Key colours will be used time and time again throughout your publishing. We ensure that you have a colour palette to suit and that your overall tones are attractive and familiar to your customers.

Public Perception

We create a unique public image of your business. Usually to install a sense of trust, likability and an image people can relate to. This prepares visitors to become customers by making the right impression.

Image Styling

The images your company uses speak volumes. A clear and definite style within your images goes further to enhancing your brand identity and will reach our to the specific customer base you are looking for.


Your graphics must complement all the other elements of your brand identity. Having the right graphics keeps a smooth and consistent flow between your different content and material.


Consistent formatting of your text and content across all platforms helps to further solidify your brand identity. We carefully choose the right font, colours and designs to convey the right message.

Branded through inspiration

At 3Digital we love to be inspired by your business and use this inspiration right through from logo conceptualisation, through to the layout of your material. We believe that getting your branding right from the start will provide your company’s image with the right foundation for growth and expansion.

Impressions really do count and consistent attractive branding will tell customers that you are professional and reliable with and can be counted upon to do provide an amazing product or service. It is the attention to detail that stands you apart from your competition and gives you a trusted image that attracts customers to feel comfortable and happy.

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