Our Story

3Digital is based on a collaboration of close siblings and deep friendships lasting from 33 to 38 years. The key members of our team consist of people we could all trust with our lives.

This is a USP that we believe holds more than its weight in gold. Our integrity towards our clients is why we have a 100% customer satisfaction record. There is literally nothing we will not do to ensure that our clients end up far “beyond” happy with our services.

The Difference

Our team comprises of a wonderful synergy of skills that our individual members bring together. Each of our department  heads are literally born for the jobs that they do. Our CEO Rashad has a broad, varied and highly competent skill base that understands every aspect of our services.

Our Digital Marketing Manager Matthew, is a true guru when it comes to SEO and PPC management. He has an uncanny ability to rank websites high in a huge variety of markets and sectors. He does this by developing key relationships through online networking branching out to many different markets to gain exposure. This ensures he gets solid and consistent results month by month and year by year. Mat has helped us become a leading SEO agency in Dubai.

Our UK Marketing Manager Julia. has over 12 years experience in promoting businesses through a wide range of avenues, using resources that have been steadily built up over her time working in various UK sectors.

Finally, our Creative Director Basil, has the natural eye for design, especially when it comes to video production. His 20+ years working with slick corporate videos makes him an amazing director for achieving superb content, perfect for your companies’ video marketing needs.

Rest assured that our strong relationships and ability to work like a fluid team will achieve everything your business needs for its online digital marketing presence.

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