Pay per click management in Dubai with 3Digital

Managing your PPC campaign is something we have immense experience with. We have managed small localized campaigns right up to $50,000 per month national campaigns.

3Digital will work with you to find the correct platform and budget. We will ensure that you only pay for clicks from “buying” visitors, ensuring that your Return On Investment (ROI) is fully optimized.

We manually tweak every aspect of a campaign to squeeze out the very best ROI. We constantly seek new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition through industry analysis and split testing.

PPC can also provide a short term solution whilst an SEO campaign takes time to generate traffic.

The 3Digital Dubai PPC Services

PPC Campaign Research

We begin with an in depth analysis of your industry and we look at how similar websites approach PPC. We identify new untapped channels to give you a competitive edge.

Bing Advertising Expert

Bing and Yahoo get far less users than Google. Therefore we tend to begin with Google and once we have optimized the campaign, we simply import the same settings into Bing Ads. This is another platform your competitors may be ignoring so ROI can be excellent.

Social PPC and pay per impression

Social Networks can be a goldmine for certain business types. This latest form of advertising can yield excellent ROI because PPC through these channels has not gone mainstream yet.

Display Advertising Packages

Certain businesses benefit from display advertising where we show banners instead of just text ads. These are far cheaper but less targeted. If we use this route Google is a great way to begin thanks to the tracking data we can analyze.

Google AdWords Specialist

The grand daddy of PPC advertising is Google Adwords. The platform offers highly targeted visitors and superb integration with Google Analytics- providing deep tracking data.

PPC Remarketing and Retargeting

The best ROI comes from advertising directly to people who have already visited your website and previous customers. Consumers who have already visited your website (or one similar) are high converters, making them an essential target market.

Dubai PPC Management – Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Every month (and on demand) we provide you with a transparent account of how we have spent your money. This includes the channels used, the keywords targeted, bid costs and most importantly tracking. We use the latest tracking methods to ensure that we discover how the best converting clicks came about. For example using Google forwarding numbers to measure calls. Studying tracking data when an online sale is made paints a picture of your ideal demographic.

Action Plan For a 3Digital PPC Campaign:

Our PPC management service includes the following components:

  • Market research to discover the platforms suited to your market
  • Discovery of keywords which will bring you sales or leads.
  • Ad text creation and constant testing to fine tune the text for ROI
  • Setting up the campaign on the chosen channel or channels
  • Installation of tracking to monitor visitor actions on your website
  • Creation of landing pages on your website which will convert best
  • Constant tweaking of keyword bids, target groups, ad text and various other factors to ensure your ROI is fully optimized

Affordable Online Marketing with Highly Optimized PPC Packages

Google Adwords provides a premium, proven platform to find buying customers directly. However there are other benefits and uses for PPC advertising. We cover these briefly below and when you get in touch we will discuss the ideal options for your business.

Email Marketing with PPC

Selling to an email list of highly targeted people who have shown an interest in your product or service is usually an option with great rewards. We tend to use broader demographics to attract people to your business. Once we have their emails the marketing is much cheaper and higher converting. An email list of likely buyers can bring the biggest ROI out of any form of marketing. Emails can be collected in a variety of different ways.

Social Media Marketing PPC (e.g. Facebook) 

Google Adwords provides solid leads through keyword targeting, however social networks can offer far more affordable ways to connect with potential customers. If your service or product is very visual we may suggest Instagram and/or Pinterest. We may use a specific demographic on Facebook to carry out Search Engine Marketing (SEM), such as the above mentioned email marketing and other softer selling methods. Social media can open the doors to an unlimited number of potential clients and customers. It can also help spread “buzz” and enhance your reputation.

PPC Mobile Marketing

Mobile searchers now account for more than desktop in many industries. Ensuring we have landing pages optimized for mobile is essential. Our design team will ensure pages are quick to load with clear calls to action. We can add phone numbers to mobile adverts. We can re-market to mobile visitors at a later date if your product cannot be purchased through mobile. The options for re-targeting can be very powerful. The cost per click for mobile advertising can be set at a different level to desktop searches.

SEO Services Dubai

You are successful as soon as you begin moving forward. Lets get started on your PPC campaign today!