Sell The Car USA

Nationwide SEO campaign in the USA


AboutThe Client

Sell The Car USA has been with us from their beginning. The company is an off-shoot of the long establish Sell The Car website in the UK, which offers a national car buying and collection service. Moving to America was naturally a large undertaking for the company, so they turned to their long time SEO company (3Digital) for help in generating all new traffic

As always with SEO, we carry out a lot of initial research on competitors to create a strategy which will help us break into the market in a way which suits the budget. This meant that we decided to separate our search phrases into new pages, which we spent a lot of time ensuring were perfectly optimized.

The strategy for this SEO campaign meant that we started bringing in traffic for easier search phrases first. The more competitive search phrases have much more significant search numbers, so we have been playing a longer game with these. Presently we are top of Google for many phrases, such as “sell my non running car” and in the top 5 or so for the most difficult phrases like sell my damaged car.

Month on month we almost always see improvements in traffic and rankings. This led to the company recently extending their initial 1 year contract for the website.

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