Tab Scanner

Web Design, PPC marketing, SEO campaign


AboutThe Client

Tab Scanner is an exciting new technology company based in Dubai who specialize in receipt scanning optical character recognition (OCR). They use cutting edge scanning technology to read documents, therefore it was vital we made them a unique website to go with their hi-tech branding. We were tasked with creating a website which would represent a specific type of content and branding for the business.

3Digital also took over the digital marketing for Tab Scanner. With superb results on Google Adwords with a PPC campaign for both beta testers and potential investors. We are also working on an SEO campaign for Tab Scanner to ensure the website ranking for important phrases in Google’s organic search results.

Our pay per click (PPC) campaigns and search Engine optimization (SEO) have brought in high numbers of visitors to the website. The owner of Tab Scanner has been particularly surprised at the way we have been able to get the website ranking well in Google. This is in part because he made the smart decision to use 3Digital for all his online needs. This means a hi-tech website which is seamlessly integrated with SEO and PPC.  Having a single company do all 3 is a big benefit as we can control every aspect of the design to ensure that it leads to more conversions and better rankings.

Creating a powerful brand image to inspire trust, whilst ensuring the top positions in Google’s search results.
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