Communicate School

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AboutThe Client

Communicate School has been with us from their beginning. The school has gone from a small start-up to a premier English school in Manchester. We have grown together, adapting to the expansion of the school as they offer more services and moved to larger premises.

We looked at how other educational institutions ranked in Google and conducted intensive research into the type of link placements which mattered most. With the goal being to prove to Google that Communicate School is a leader in their market; by making the website an authority for the courses offered.

We created an on-site SEO report so that each page was perfectly optimised for Google rankings and high click through rates. This advice has continued as new courses have been added. We found authoritative link placements to help Google rankings and the school is now top or almost top for all search phrases. We are now helping the website to rank for translated versions in languages from countries where students apply from.

Highly effective SEO campaigns making websites an authority in their industry.

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