AboutThe Client

Flixton Manor is a care home which has been in business for around 30 years. The old website was outdated and static, offering no updates and a lack of enticing photos. The care home invested in a large refurbishment to modernise the decor, services and extend the number of rooms. We were tasked with creating a website which would represent this new and improved version of the business.

Flixton Manor made improvements to the whole complex, with a strong emphasis on modernisation and creating a comfortable, yet stylish atmosphere and appearance. We created a website which accurately represents the public image the company had in mind. We used colours which generate trust and reliability, combined with images from inside the home itself. The website was created with user experience for all ages in mind. This means a design which is easy to use for any internet user, no matter what their age or experience using the internet.

Once the website was launched 3Digital began a local SEO campaign to give the company the exposure it deserves in Google. This includes ensuring the website ranks for the best keywords which people are typing into Google. Plus appearing in the Google Maps results by optimising the Google My Business listing. The whole project has ensured that the home is never short of residents. 

Creating a powerful brand image to inspire trust, whilst ensuring the top positions in Google’s search results.

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