Website Design and local SEO


AboutThe Client

Sensa is an exciting new video production company based in Dubai. The company is the brainchild of a multi award winning film director, who feels that there is space with the Dubai market for a new production house. We were tasked with creating a website which would represent a fresh new company, with modern branding for the business.

The website has been designed to ensure that it appears better than the strong competition for this market. This means superb graphics, excellent mobile performance. However, we also wanted to build a website which will turn visitors into customers. Sensa is our most recent client and we envision working with them for both PPC and SEO campaigns. Possibly SSM too (social media marketing).

Our highly experienced team of coders and web designers worked with the SEO and PPC team to ensure that we met the target of providing a visually stunning website whilst also making it one which can easily rank well in Google and easily perform well in Google Adwords PPC. The resulting website is looking great and we expect Sensa to make great inroads into the video production marketing in Dubai.

Creating a powerful brand image to inspire trust, whilst ensuring the top positions in Google’s search results.
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