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RENNtech is the world’s leading manufacturer of Mercedes Benz AMG performance parts. When we came on board there was an overly simplistic website with an annoying pop-up and confusing layout. This is a brand which deserves to be well represented online in Google and elsewhere. Our web development team came up with a plan to create sales and gain massive exposure in the Middle East.

We created a brand new website for RENNtech Middle East. We used a slick slider function to show off the amazing vehicles which have been tuned with RENNtech parts in the region. Then we added to the old text so that the website was SEO friendly and optimised for converting sales. We spent time split testing different layouts, to make sure that people stayed on the website longer and were more likely to make a purchase. We ran a free PPC campaign through Google Adwords to help us discover the most important search phrases. Then we optimised the website for these phrases, as well as others we found through our usual market research.

The results have been excellent so far. The website is easy to navigate, it runs faster and there are endless positive comments regarding the design. We are now carrying out an SEO campaign and ranking the site for the most important phrases, we call these “buying phrases” as they are the ones which lead to sales. So far the website has reached top 5 rankings for most keywords, after only a few months. We are now looking to scale up the business with promotional videos to be distributed on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Our free PPC campaign is paying off for us now, as 3Digital and RENNtech Middle East grow together in the region. Since launching the new website the company has launched in 3 new locations in Asia. The future is looking very bright. 

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