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Pinch Me Events was a new company when we came together. They already had a website, but it wasn’t generating traffic. The company was offering a range of small party planning services in Dubai, such as kids parties and baby showers. We decided firstly that a new website was the way to go: so that we could showcase the services whilst optimising the site for Google’s search engine.

The results were spectacular, with rankings hitting the top spots after only a short term SEO campaign. The company quickly realised that the smaller events weren’t where the money lay. 3Digital helped Pinch Me Events become one of the top wedding planners in Dubai. Initially we created new pages on the website for weddings, then made sure those pages were optimised perfectly for the top Google rankings. When weddings took over it was time for change…

This involved a new website, moving away from the old design, which was child friendly with toys and pink colours. Instead we created a slick website which oozes class and sophistication. The company is now the leading luxury wedding planner in Dubai. The website we created reflects this, with an exclusive appearance which has re-branded Pinch Me Events into the most sought after wedding planner in Dubai. The message the new website relays to people is so strong that we didn’t need an SEO campaign. The company is constantly booked up with the most lavish weddings imaginable. In the future we have plans to open up new services as the company expands.

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