Mighalls Removals

SEO and PPC campaigns

AboutThe Client

John Mighall & Co Removals & Storage is a company which has been in business for almost 40 years. Our work for the long standing company was to help them stay competitive despite massive pressure from national big brands. This meant a re-think of their marketing and a far greater focus on digital marketing.

We agreed that the best way to keep the company profitable was to use our budget on both SEO and PPC campaigns. In order to do this we made improvements to their existing website and installed tracking, sop that we know how many leads are generated by our campaigns.

From week 1 they noticed a jump in leads through the website. This was the PPC Google Adwords campaign. Shortly after our SEO campaign helped the company into the top positions in Google for organics search results. This was a limited budget campaign back in the UK, but we have been working with John Mighall & Co Removals & Storage for quite some time now. We consistently bring them new leads through Google Adwords and our SEO efforts mean that traffic is always improving through Google search.

We also help our with with digital marketing related things, usually for free. For example, we always ensure local companies have a properly verified and optimized Google My Business page and we have made changed to the website in preparation for the Google Mobile First algorithm update in 2018, this involved tweaking the design and adding an SSL certificate which is another requirement in 2018.

Creating a powerful brand image to inspire trust, whilst ensuring the top positions in Google’s search results.

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