Sell The Car

UK and USA SEO Campaigns, plus PPC optimisation


AboutThe Client

Sell The Car is a service for people to get rid of broken vehicles. It began in the UK offering free collection of damaged cars from people’s homes and a competitive price to buy the car. Having access to a national network of car buyers meant that Sell The Car required nationwide exposure in Google, to generate leads for people wanting to get rid of their broken cars, bikes and vans.

Our work has mainly focused on a national SEO campaign. There were similar services offered, so we reverse engineered the websites which were ranking well for the keywords (search phrases) which could generate leads. This involved using sophisticated software and SEO expertise to see which websites were linking to competitors, thus giving us ideas for link placements to improve the authority and rankings of Sell The Car.

Our success working with Sell The Car in the UK helped influence the decision for the company to expand over to the USA. There the market is a little different, with different words used and obviously a far bigger target demographic. We researched the market and have again provided a successful SEO campaign which is generating more and more profitable leads each month. We have also helped Sell The Car to optimise their PPC Adwords campaigns. This has led to a far higher ROI, thanks to our laser focused targeting of only the most profitable keywords.

Successful SEO campaigns resulting in top Google rankings in multiple countries.

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