Sky Vision

Web Design, PPC marketing, SEO campaign


AboutThe Client

Sky Vision is a video production company based in Dubai who specialize in aerial videography. They use cutting edge camera and drone technology, therefore it was vital we made them a unique website to go with their hi-tech branding. We were tasked with creating a website which would represent a specific type of content and branding for the business.

3Digital also took over the digital marketing for Sky Vision. With superb results on Facebook, Google Adwords and Google’s organic search results. Our pay per click (PPC) campaigns and search Engine optimization (SEO) have brought in more business than the company can currently handle. Sky Vision was only launched in 2017, but has already become a major name in drone video production in Dubai.

Our ongoing efforts for Sky Vision have included promoting YouTube videos through Google Adwords and their Facebook page, which we created and nurtured into one with a massive number of highly targeted followers. We have also used Google Adwords for the search network, which we have now had to pause because Sky Vision have been so busy from our traffic. Our ethical SEO campaign has yielded a steady rise for all search phrases and continues to reach new limits each month.

Creating a powerful brand image to inspire trust, whilst ensuring the top positions in Google’s search results.

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