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Only Exclusive Travel have been with us for many years. This leading luxury tour operator has been operating in the UK for well over 25 years. They offer tailor made luxury holidays around the world, including Dubai. When we first came on board the rankings in Google were poor. Like so many companies Only Exclusive Travel were nowhere near reaching their online potential.

Firstly we began with on-site optimisation, the first step to every SEO campaign. The website was re-worded and other changes were made to ensure that it had the best chance of ranking for the phrases which would lead to bookings. Then our off-site SEO campaign was unleashed. This lead to superb rankings for destinations and resorts across the globe. Traffic began to pour in through Google organic search, as did bookings.

The excellent success of our SEO campaign meant that we were able to modify the long term PPC campaign with Google Adwords. There was simply no point in paying large sums for clicks now that the website was appearing at the top of Google for free. We have continued to optimise the PPC campaign so that the best ROI is achieved. This is always our goal- to provide clients the best return on investment possible.

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