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The Name Game is a TV app which players use their phones to control. It is an exciting game with broad appeal. We were tasked with creating a website design which would be suitable for all ages, keeping in mind that the user-base would all be on mobile phones. This resulted in a clean and simple design with fun graphics here and there.

The website has delighted the app owner. It was built from the ground up and our vision has exceeded his expectations. The website also must match the app and the back-end where users login to play the game. The design was a great success in all departments. The simple design had just enough fun elements to keep mobile users entertained and eager to start playing the game.

The results in terms of app downloads have been excellent so far. The website is easy to navigate, it runs faster and there are many positive comments regarding the design. We have made the website to fit in perfectly with Google’s “Mobile First” change for 2018. Which basically means the website runs perfectly on phones, with mobile searchers the priority. To accomplish this we have carried out some highly specialist coding work to ensure superb page load time.

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