What 2018 Means For Online Marketing in Dubai


What to Watch Out for in 2018: Four Trends that a Good Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai with Employ in 2018

Now that the curtain has fallen on the holiday season and 2017 has become history, it’s time to consider what 2018 will bring in the world of digital marketing.

Planning any annual or even quarterly digital marketing strategy involves much thought. Boardrooms across Dubai will, no doubt, invest countless hours throwing ideas across the table until the small hours of the morning discussing SEO strategies, social media influence and brand identity.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, 3Digital thought that we’d save you the trouble of trying to figure out how best to mould your business in the online world by outlining four trends to watch out for (and take advantage of) in 2018.

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Prioritise Mobile User Experience to Boost Google Rankings

2018 is the year that brands finally realise the potential – and necessity of prioritising mobile indexing. With the rumour mill swirling that Google will finally deploy its mobile-first index in 2018, brands that want to rank well across all mobile devices. It looks like May or June are when Google will make “mobile first” it’s priority.

The statistics for global mobile traffic tell an eye-opening story. As of the third quarter in 2017, 52.99% of web traffic worldwide was performed on mobile devices. In the first quarter of 2015 the same figure stood at 31.16%.

Moreover, there’s a significant difference between how keywords rank on mobile as opposed to desktop. To get your website in front of consumers, you’ll need to focus your SEO on mobile devices.

Mobile searches are all about context. Businesses need to offer focused results for every search query. It’s evident that browsers are searching for more and more content on the go – this gives brands a great opportunity to focus their marketing locally.

Now, load times are still paramount to the success of mobile websites, but mobile optimisation, along with the rising trend of voice searches will be imperative to any successful online marketing strategy – and this is something that a skilled SEO company in Dubai, like 3Digital, can help you with.


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Link Building for Dubai Businesses Can Help Traffic and Rankings in Google

In 2018, it will be more important than ever for brands to have a link building strategy rich in quality links. Poor links won’t add value or authority to a website, but good quality links will, regardless of your business sector.

Does this mean that the best backlinks are found from the most popular websites? No. It’s crucial that sector-specific back links are built, allowing your business to build a road-map that browsers can follow to find you online.

A successful SEO strategy in 2018 will focus on relationship building. Gaining influential contacts will help brands to reap the benefits in the long-term. However, as any knowledgeable digital marketing agency in Dubai will tell you, how brands manage guest blogs when incorporating them into a link building strategy will be key to continued prosperity.

In May 2017, Google warned publishers that rely too heavily on guest posting for link building that they would be examining and penalising guest blogs they believe are ‘spammy.’ This means building a back-link profile, as opposed to single links to a plethora of websites will be essential in 2018.
Watch the Rise in Visual Searches

The online world is becoming increasingly visually focused. As we move into 2018, expect more and more brands to explore the opportunities of visual search. Viewed by those in the know as the next evolution of keyword searching, visual search will enhance user-experience.

Already, leading online juggernauts, Google, Pinterest and Bing have invested heavily in the trend, believing that our search habits are evolving and so too should the services that they’re able to offer browsers.

Given that Google and other leading online brands have clocked visual searches, it seems only a matter of time before brands of all description start enquiring with a digital marketing agency in Dubai about how existing and potential customers can find them with a simple visual search.

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The Fall of Twitter?

Whereas other social media platforms have enjoyed steady or rapid growth in 2017, Twitter has failed to grow its user base in 2017.
The third quarter of 2017 saw Twitter increase its character limit from 140 to 280 characters, however, the social media platform is yet to see any marked improvement its user base.

Some users were even irked by Twitter’s decision, believing the decision took away what made Twitter unique in the first place. Condensing ideas, opinions, thoughts and messages into simple tweets forced users to get to the point, which was part of the challenge – and the fun!
With the platform now evolving to give an experience that’s becoming increasing like other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, this stagnant growth may see Twitter spiral downwards in 2018.

Of course, this is speculation. Twitter did focus on user acquisition and not making improvements to its platform in 2017. Whether Twitter’s commercial application has peaked and the death knell has already sounded, forcing an SEO company in Dubai, and indeed globally, to wave goodbye to the days of focusing a SMM campaign around the platform remains to be seen.

There you have it, four trends that any good digital marketing agency in Dubai will keep abreast of in 2018. If you’d like to learn more about where the digital marketing world is headed this year, contact 3Digital today.

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