Three Digital Marketing Tips that Will Increase Admissions for International Schools in Dubai


According to a 2016 article in Forbes, the demand for an English medium education internationally is swelling. It’s expected that the international school market will be worth $89 billion by the year 2026.

The UAE has the highest number of English-medium international schools in the world. As of 2017, there are a total of 589 international schools in the UAE. Dubai alone has 276 international schools, a fact that should hardly come as a surprise given that expats from more than 200 countries call Dubai home.

You don’t need to be a statistician to deduce that competition for places at international schools in Dubai is steep. Marketing has moved to the top of the agenda for many international schools as they strive to attract the best students.

This means that schools need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, make sure that everyone knows who they are, and provide engaging online content that will appeal to parents and pupils alike. To achieve this school’s need to employ the services of a business that specialises in website design Dubai.

Here are three ways that a digital marketing agency in Dubai will help your school design a website and digital marketing campaign that will grab and hold the attention to parents and pupils.

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An Inbound Marketing Strategy

The key to inbound marketing success is to create inspiring, engaging and educational content that compels your audience to sit up, take notice and act. It’s a great opportunity to show who your school is and why it’s the perfect environment to nurture your minds.

An effective inbound marketing campaign can significantly increase admission enquiries. A simple blog post, infographic, eBook, whitepaper or video can be enough to compel parents to explore your school.

Understanding how parents think and what they’re looking for in a school for their kids will help you create content that directly appeals to them. The endgame is to give parents every confidence that your school is the right environment for their son or daughter.

Optimise and promote your content. Why not post a virtual tour of the school online? Interview teachers and pupils and post and share the videos on your website and social media. Show-off your state-of-the-art facilities and blog about the education sector. This way your earning your way into parent’s good graces.

Hone Your Unique Selling Points

Does your website design Dubai demonstrate all the reasons why your school is the ideal environment for pupils to achieve their academic aspirations? Why should parents place their faith in your school? Is it the year-on-year academic results? Is it the extra-curricular activities you offer?

A digital marketing agency that specialises in design, content, social media outreach and SEO in Dubai will be able to help your school hone your unique selling points, focusing on the reasons why parents should choose your school.

These USPs will then be woven into all your digital marketing activities in an engaging way. Your website content will be consistently engaging, emphasising everything that’s great about your school.

A website is the ultimate sales pitch. A digital marketing agency will help you to build an online presence that will appeal to pupils and parents who will feel that pinch of excitement at the prospect of attending your school – increasing the quality of your admissions.

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Set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Fundamental to success in a wealth of fields – including education and digital marketing are key performance indicators. Not only will they allow you to track how successful your online platforms are but, most importantly, KPIs will highlight whether your digital marketing campaigns are delivering or not.

A good digital marketing strategy is one that is consistently measuring, analysing and improving. A Dubai-based digital marketing agency like 3Digital does just that. We monitor every aspect of a campaign and look for ways to improve a school’s ROI.

For example, using Google Analytics, we can monitor the bounce rate of your website. A low bounce rate of, let’s say 20%-30% means that visitor engagement is good. A high bounce rate of 35%-50% and above means that time has come to examine and improve your content.

Setting and measuring KPIs will highlight whether your website, SEO in Dubai, social media and digital marketing activities are meeting the objectives of getting your international school noticed or whether they need to be improved.

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