Social Media Marketing for Travel Industry in Dubai


Three Ways a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai can Use Social Media Marketing to Bolster the Success of Companies in the Tourism Sector

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, in 2016 alone it was estimated that tourism contributed $64 billion to UAE’s economy. This startling figure demonstrates the growing value of the travel and tourism sector. 3Digital are Social Media Marketing (SMM) Experts in Dubai.

What some may not be aware of is the UAE’s plans to expand the grow the tourism sector in the next decade. Indeed, such is the UAE’s ambitions, it intends to double this figure within a decade.

What does this mean for travel and tourism businesses within the UAE? Well, signs of continued prosperity seem to be just over the horizon. However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget that innovation is one of the cornerstones of prosperity. There’s much that those in the tourism sector need to do to reap the rewards of this burgeoning sector – the least of which is employing a social media agency in Dubai to create a vast following online.

Here are four ways that social media can affect the travel and tourism sector in Dubai – and what a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, like 3 Digital, can help you to grow your travel agency in 2018 and beyond.


Help Promote Positive Reviews For More Customer Engagement and Bookings

Perhaps, the most profound impact that social media has on the tourism sector are online reviews. A decade ago, if you were considering travelling abroad, you might take the advice of a friend when deciding on a destination or resort. There were also the ever-present travel brochures, with the resort ratings and pictures.

Today, when deciding on where to spend one’s summer or winter vacation, most of us research online – with much of that research conducted on social media platforms. Indeed, it’s estimated that more than 40% * of millennial’s look to Instagram to research where they’d like to spend their vacation.

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However, Instagram isn’t the only social media platform that’s essential viewing for anyone looking for summer holiday inspiration. Crowd-sourced review sites like Trip Advisor are also sought for inspiration. Here anyone can view accommodation reviews and learn what people really thought of their stay. Personal experience is highly valued, and viewed by many as unbiased. The right review can drastically increase a place, hotel or resort’s bookings, which is something that a good digital marketing agency in Dubai can promote effectively.

Customer Service through Social Media Marketing is Fast

Social media has transformed customer service and satisfaction. Every leading global brand will undertake some degree of social media marketing to make people aware of their brand, values, ethos, products and services.

Not only that but, social media allows businesses to directly interact with their customers. This personal approach builds a rapport with customers, making them feel valued. Should a complaint be raised – and made public – a digital marketing agency in Dubai can act on behalf of a travel company, translating clear facts, allaying any fears and ensuring that very little, or zero, damage to a travel businesses’ reputation.

This is vital. It’s believed that as many as half of all Twitter users expect a direct response from brands when they contact them using the platform. This amount increases to three-quarters when a compliant is lodged. Many businesses simply do not have the resources to manage such a flurry of activity. Handing the reigns over to a social media agency gives business peace of mind that their online reputation will be actively protected.


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Sharing Engaging Content Will Increase Sales Through Social Networking

People love sharing photos and videos – especially when on their holidays. Social media have given everyone a platform to share their experiences with a wider audience than ever before. Indeed, it’s estimated that 90% of millennial’s share photos and videos of their experiences when travelling abroad.

This ability gives people the ability to become something of the highest value in the online world – a social media influencer. Indeed, so successful is the trend that people can now make a living travelling the world and sharing their experiences on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
A shrewd social media agency in Dubai, like 3 Digital, can help businesses in the travel sector become social media influencers themselves by sharing valuable content and growing their network of followers.

Not only that but, the right online marketing can also further encourage interaction and build brand reputation. An intelligent hashtag can easily go viral, bring much positive attention to a travel business – helping you to appeal to a wider demographic and increasing seasonal bookings no-end!

These are just three of the ways that a Dubai-based digital marketing agency can use social media to help bolster the reputation of travel companies in Dubai online. Now, at the start of 2018, perhaps it’s time to plan a strategy to ensure you’re fully-booked through spring, summer, autumn and winter!

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